From Monday 26 April we will return to Stage D2 on the rugby roadmap, which includes contact fixtures with adapted laws.

This move to Stage D2 also applies to age grade rugby, from Monday 26 April until the end of the extended 2020-21 age grade season on Monday 31 May 2021.

From Tuesday 1 June, we move to the out-of-season period through June, July and August, when activity will follow the Summer Activity Framework. 


On Monday, 29 March we moved to Stage D1 of the RFU’s Rugby Roadmap to Recovery

– this will allow contact activity except scrum and maul in training.  The 1st XV squad will start their training on Thursday, 1 April.  Toilets are allowed to open from that date, but our changing rooms and showers cannot open except for use by disabled people or in an emergency (e.g. should an injury occur and require treatment indoors).

As we have not been able to start training as soon as we had hoped, all the clubs involved in the proposed Coast and Wolds League have decided not to go ahead with the planned fixtures.  However, the clubs are discussing proposals for Touch Rugby / Ready 4 Rugby / Beach Rugby events.  We have decided not to arrange anything just yet, only for it to be cancelled, and will re-assess the situation in a couple of weeks.

The Roadmap will also allow inter-club Tag, Touch and Ready4Rugby fixtures to restart – we are assessing whether to hold a club event on one of the Bank Holiday weekends.

The planned progression to stage D2 on the Return to Roadmap from Monday, 26 April will allow contact fixtures under Temporary Law Variations (no scrums or mauls and amendments to the lineout will apply).  It is unlikely this will take place straight away in our area, as there appears to be little appetite from most of the clubs for this to start immediately.  Instead, we are aiming for a first game on Saturday, 15 May.

We expect the clubhouse will be able to re-open in line with national hospitality guidance from Step 2 on the government’s roadmap – this is when pubs and restaurants will be permitted to re-open, and will be no earlier than Monday, 12 April.  At that point, drinking will only be permitted outside.

Update 7 March 2021When the Government Roadmap moves to Step One A on 8th March
• Current lockdown restrictions remain.
• Adult rugby remains at Stage A on the Return to Rugby Roadmap.
• This means individuals can exercise alone or with one other from another household until Monday 29 March.

When the Government Roadmap moves to Step One B – no earlier than Monday 29 March
• Adult and age grade community rugby (including schools and colleges) may resume at Stage D1.
• O2 Touch, Tag and Ready4Rugby training and matches are permitted within the club and against other clubs. We will confirm travel guidance when published by government.
• Contact training (excluding scrums and mauls) is permitted to introduce contact gradually and prepare players physically for the next stage on the Return to Rugby Roadmap. Our guidance strongly recommends a maximum of 20 minutes contact in total per session, with regular hand sanitising breaks during and after contact skills training and equipment should be cleaned after use. Players should avoid face-to-face exposure of more than three seconds and more than 15 minutes of exposure at less than one metre with another player.

From Monday 26 April
• Having had four weeks of contact training, adult and age grade community rugby will be able to return to Stage D2 on the Rugby Roadmap from Monday 26 April.
• Again, guidance will recommend 20 minutes of contact training to be permitted (still excluding scrums and mauls).
• Matches will be permitted with adapted laws (no scrums & mauls) against other clubs. Again, travel guidance to be confirmed as above.
• Guidance for playing friendly matches over the summer will follow over the next few weeks to support maximising player retention and welfare.
• Matches will not be obligatory. It will be clubs’ and players’ individual choice as to when they feel ready to return to contact rugby. Please ensure players are given enough time to condition themselves physically, with a gradual return to contact built in. Ready4Rugby, O2 Touch and Tag can still be played if preferred.

When the Government Roadmap moves to Step Three – no earlier than Monday 17 May
• Adult and age grade community rugby likely to progress to Stage E1.
• It’s anticipated that full contact training will be permitted (including scrums and mauls).

Two weeks after Stage E1 has been reached – no earlier than Monday 31 May
• It is anticipated that adult community rugby will progress to Stage E2.
• Adult full contact matches would then be permitted.
• The current age grade season ends on Monday 31 May. (See above for further information).
• Some off-field restrictions likely to still apply.

When the Government Roadmap moves to Step Four – no earlier than Monday 21 June
• It is anticipated that adult community rugby will progress to the final Stage F.
• At which time we expect all remaining restrictions will be lifted.

Next Season
• All adult and age grade competitions are currently anticipated to start in September, as normal, under full laws.

Update 3 March 2021 : the RFU is close to revising the rugby roadmap for both age grade and adult rugby ahead of an anticipated return to activity from Monday 29 March. They are optimistic that clubs should be also able to plan Ready4Rugby and limited contact training and Ready4Rugby matches from Monday 29 March, with amended law fixtures from week commencing Monday 26 April. They hope to make a more comprehensive announcement this Friday.

Update 25 Feb 2021 : The RFU has welcomed this week’s Government announcement that grassroots team sport including community rugby can return on Monday 29 March.

Over the coming weeks, they will work with Government to understand the number of players and format of rugby that will be permitted upon our return in both schools and community rugby.  When these details have been clarified, and associated travel queries, they will share the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap alongside a step-by-step guide to returning to training and guidance around facilities re-opening.

The Coast & Wolds Rugby Tournament was due to start on 6 March 2021 – clearly this is not possible due to Covid lockdown restrictions.  The current position is that it is hoped that competition will start on either 10 or 17 April and run through May into June. It is also hoped that a second team competition will be organised, depending on numbers.