Both our 3rd and 4th teams have drawn home fixtures for the Merit Quarter Finals on Saturday, 1 April.  The Cents will play Bridlington 2nds, and the Extra Cents will play Goole 2nds.

It’ll be a full afternoon of rugby with the 1sts hosting Durham City.  See you there.

Full details

All teams are allowed squads of twenty players including front row replacement. All players should be genuine second/third team players (no ringers).  The full list of Quarter Finals for Saturday is :

League 1

  • Malton 2nds         v      Beverley 2nds
  • Hullensians 2nds    v   Pocklington 2nds
  • Driffield 3rds        v      Bridlington 2nds
  • B.P.                   v       Scarborough 2nds

Merit 2

  • Scarborough 3rds    v    Bridlington 3rds
  • Driffield 4ths            v    Goole 2nds
  • Pocklington 3rds     v    Hull University
  • Barton                    v    Grimsby 2nds