This was an important game, to keep Driffield in touch with the top of the table, against a team that started the day one place above them in the league.

Heath attacked straight from the kick-off, and reached the Driffield 22 with worrying ease.  With just two minutes gone, a penalty was awarded to the left of the pitch and Falkingham shown the yellow card.  The points were well-kicked and Heath were in control.  D 0-3 H

From the restart, Heath again advanced and camped in the Driffield 22 for ten minutes, where the defence did well to hold them out.  Finally, Driffield won the ball back and worked their way slowly out of the 22, and reached the half-way after many phases.

Heath gave away a penalty, which was superbly kicked to the corner, giving a line-out six meters out.  The catch and drive was well set up and nearly reached the line.  A series of pick and goes battered the Heath line before Thundercliffe finally made it over the line to the right of the sticks.  The conversion was missed, but Driffield had grabbed the lead.  D 5-3 H

Driffield had now found their groove, and camped near the Heath 22, but repeated attacks were well-defended against and they could not find a way through.  With 20 minutes gone, the ball was worked left and a winger’s try looked on, but the final pass was dropped.

Driffield managed to win the ball back, and Heath lost a man to the bin for hands in the ruck five meters out.  Choosing not to take the kick, the ball was sent right where another penalty was awarded but, again, the kick option was not taken and Heath finally managed to clear their lines.

Heath got into the Driffield half, but met solid defence.  A chip through bounced unkindly, losing Grant time to clear and his kick was charged down.  Heath scooped up the scrappy ball and went through to score, and get the conversion, to snatch the lead back.  D 5-10 H

With minutes to go in the half, Driffield again worked their way up the field.  Reaching the Heath 22, they ground their way forward, probing left and right, but halted every time.  Finally they were awarded a penalty which Grant converted to close the gap.  D 8-10 H

Heath returned to the Driffield 22, and a length series of pick-and-go moves were well-defended against.  Finally, the ball was lost and Robinson cleared to touch to end the half.

At the restart, Watts came on at scrum-half for his return to the team after injury.

With just three minutes gone, Heath lost a man to the bin but it would be another seven minutes before Driffield were able to make the man extra pay for them.  The ball was secured at a scrum five, and Heath were driven back to the line where it was stopped just short.  A second shove was enough for Johnson to pick up the ball and burrow for the line.  Grant converted.  D 15-10 H

Driffield now had their tails up, and a catch-and-drive fifteen out nearly took them to the line.  After a series of pick-and-go moves, McKinnon was finally able to make it over the line.  Grant converted.  D 22-10 H

Heath were not down yet, and worked it well to the left to find a two-on-one and the mobile Heath second row went through to score wide out.  The conversion was missed.  D 22-15 H.

Next to score was Rix, who galloped through from the half way line to secure the try bonus point, but the conversion was missed.  D 27-15 H

This was followed by a try from shorter range by Mason.  Again, the conversion was missed.  D 32-15 H

By now, Heath were looking tired and it looked as if Driffield could run more in.  But Heath did enough to stem the tide and held out for fifteen minutes without conceding, leaving the final score D 32-15 H.

The bonus point win lifts Driffield to third in the league, and marks a return to a team playing with plenty of confidence.