The trip to Cleckheaton gave Driffield the chance to brush defeat off and get back on the victory train.

The game started well enough, with Jack Sowersby powering through to score a try on 10 minutes, converted by Watts 0-7

But Cleckheaton came back at Driffield and levelled the scores after a further 5 minutes 7-7

Just two minutes later, Cleckheaton took the lead with an unconverted try 12-7.

Driffield then suffered two injuries : first, Falkingham had to leave the field, followed five minutes later by Brigham.

Driffield went back on the attack and, on 20 minutes, Blacker rounded his man to score the try, converted by Watts to give them the lead 12-14.

On 26 minutes, Gleeson cut through to score the try, again converted by Watts 12-21.

It was another 8 minutes before Cleckheaton got one back, again unconverted 17-21.  The half finished at that score.

It would be 20 minutes into the second half before the next score, by Cleckheaton, giving them the lead back.  Once more, the conversion was missed.  22-21

Almost on the half-hour, Watts regained the lead for Driffield with a penalty 22-24.

But, with 5 minutes left, Cleckheaton returned the compliment with their own penalty, grabbing the lead back 25-24.  This turned out to be the full time score.

This was a great contest between between two evenly-matched sides.  In the first half, Driffield seemed to have the game by the scruff of the neck and looked good for a win.  But they lost their way in the second half, failing to score when Cleckheaton had two men in the bin at the same time, dropping passes and over-throwing lineouts when they were in the opposition 22.  On balance, this was a game lost that was there to be won.