We are delighted to announce that the clubhouse will re-open on Sunday, 30 August for a fund-raiser / social day for the club, now that the Community Hub has left the clubhouse.

We are running a ‘Rugby Golf’ Day – ‘golf’ played using rugby balls :

  • A 9-hole ‘golf’ course in the club grounds
  • The rugby ball to be kicked or passed the ball into the ‘hole’
  • Tee times will start at around lunch time
  • Groups of four will set off at the same time
  • Groups will need to book in for a time slot
  • The entry fee is £10 per person
  • Each entry ticket gets some free food, and a beer or drink

Profits from ticket sales will go to charity – Kings Mill Special School, our charity for the season.

To book your tickets please call :

  • James Kitching on 07787 228155, or
  • Simon Pettinger on 07807 269547

During and after the golf it will be a social gathering, using the main bar and upstairs of the club – observing government guidance on social distancing of course.  If the weather is good, we will be able to use the grounds, and we will be running a BBQ.

If you would like to just come down for a drink, please do.  The bar will be open from 1pm, for most of the afternoon into early evening so we can have a good catch up, with a view to having everything finished and wrapped up for 8pm.