Senior Rugby

The RFU has published adapted community competition plans for adult and age grade rugby in the 2020/21 season, to allow for three date windows depending on progress against the risks of Covid-19.  You can read the full announcement on the RFU web page at

It refers to the Return to Rugby Roadmap, which can be seen here :

It seems likely that the ‘windows’ are for a start between the :

  • start of September and end of October
  • start of November and end of December
  • start of January and end of the season

The models vary according to league size and offer flexibility to manage any potential Covid-19 interruptions, with the season able to be extended to the end of May if it helps support delivery of a meaningful competition.  They all involve splitting each league in two, to give at least 12 fixtures.  If conditions allow, teams will then play teams in the other half.

Age Grade Rugby

The start of the season will be dictated by reaching stage F in the Return to Rugby Roadmap. The aim is to maximise participation and retain as many current age grade players of all ages and levels as possible. As with the adult game, in the event of a delayed start to the season, the season is able to be extended to the end of May.